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History of the Annual Gallon Challenge™

In the summer of the year 2000, CEO Peter Ubriaco was on vacation with his family and neighbors in Ocean City, MD. As he was swimming with his brother and neighbor, he jokingly asked, "Do you guys dare me to drink a gallon of sea water?" It was quickly realized that such an attempt would likely end his life. With the idea still alive in their minds, it was mentioned by one of the three that the human body simply did not have the capacity to hold a gallon of a liquid like milk, either.

This idea spurred furious discussion amongst the three. Then, the next summer, Peter's younger brother came home proudly declaring that he and his friends had attempted a gallon challenge -- it was the first official Gallon Challenge™. Then again in 2002 and 2003 the group of friends did the same. Finally, in 2004 Peter attempted to participate and placed 2nd despite having consumed the most milk, after a crushing defeat at the hands of a vomit disqualification.

In 2005, Peter decided to use his knowledge of business and his experience with social advocacy projects to turn the gallon challenge from a contest amongst friends into a major event with cultural and social significance. Thus, for the 5th Annual Gallon Challenge, the Gallon Challenge was managed and planned seriously for the first time. Now, in 2006, the Gallon Challenge Foundation has been incorporated in Delaware as a non-profit organization. We are working on 501(c)(3) charity status, but consider donating in the meantime.

If you are interested in providing material or financial support for our next event, or if your company is interested in an official sponsorship or partnership, please contact us.

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