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The 6th Annual Gallon Challenge is over

Congratulations to Joseph Ubriaco, our winner, and second place winner Ray Donnelly who both successfully completed the challenge!

Thanks to our participants, spectators, and contributors who helped raise over $600 and make this event so successful!

Photos of the 6th Annual Gallon Challenge

It's also official -- 90% of this year's proceeds will be donated to the Food Allergy Initiative, a non-profit organization that raises awareness and funds for the treatment and cure of food allergies. For more information, visit the official Food Allergy Initiative website, or view their financial snapshot. The other 10% will help the Gallon Challenge Foundation achieve 501(c)(3) charity status, and put on next year's event.

Welcome to the official home of the Annual Gallon Challenge™!

Now approaching our 6th year, the Gallon Challenge has grown from a mere passive idea convceived in the year 2000 by a group of teenagers while on vacation in Ocean City, MD, into an annual event that attracts entrants from miles away.

Today, the Annual Gallon Challenge is true to its roots as a competition of champions. A true champion cares not only about victory but about their community as well. This year, as last year, the Gallon Challenge is being run by the Gallon Challenge Foundation.

The Gallon Challenge Foundation, founded in 2006, took a local annual competetion of friends to the next level. Entering the original event's fifth year, the Annual Gallon Challenge now is a charity fund raising event in which participants competitively drink milk. Competitors make a standard contribution in order to enter the event, and are encouraged to raise money beyond this. The winner of the event selects a recognized charity to donate the proceeds towards.

This year event was wildly successful and earned some press recognition. More importantly, it garnered interest for next year's event. Closer to the time of the 6th Annual Gallon Challenge, there will be more details available on registering to enter the event. If you are interested in providing material or financial support for our next event, of if your company is interested in an official sponsorship or partnership, please contact us.

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